Sunday, 19 April 2020

new ambient album - culture

Title: culture
Release date: 01 07 19
Format: digital download
Tracks: monolith, enlightenment, deeptime, essence, mindprint,


culture album from digitalTRAFFIC featuring five hyperambient electronica tracks exploring future creations and recordings of culture by AI.

Five hyperambient tracks - a coherent assault on the senses from the first track with heavy sound dissonance and rhythmic patterns reflecting the sounds of future digitised culture - many strange and wonderful electronic tones, vibes, peaks and troughs - a sonic texture for future generations.

monolith - an ethereal hyperambient soundscape creating an atmosphere of sonic anticipation.
enlightenment - a subtle shift of sonic pace and sound - unusual textured electronica soundscape with reversed ambient layers and FX sounds.
deeptime - hyperambient electronica layered textures electronica.
essence - hypnotic ambient electronica soundscene - layered soundscape over rich sonic textures
mindprint - hyperambient electronica soundscape - pondering atmospheric dark ambient soundscape.

The album artwork is an impression of our future self - raising questions of the definition of culture in the future of humankinds journey.

(no machines were harmed in the making of this album)


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